Local Business Marketing

A Local Marketing System That Consistently Delivers...

Even if you’re new to business, don’t know a thing about technology, aren’t sure where to start, and don’t have a lot of money to spend to get started. If you own a main street store, sell a local product, or service a local customer base, then you’ve SURELY at least considered the possibility of building a marketing system by now.

Maybe it’s even been on your mind for awhile now…
…alongside all of that other stuff you need to do on your ever-growing to-do list.
That nagging, always present to-do that you couldn’t quite bring yourself to finally do.

Maybe you’ve even forgotten WHY you haven’t built and implemented a marketing system by now.

Or, is your lack of action thanks to a confusing combination of:

  • Being new to business and not being clear on where to start
  • Not wanting to waste the time or money on creating a system that isn’t guaranteed to work
  • Having spent money before and didn’t see the results
  • A limited budget that you feel limits your ability to build a successful system
  • A preoccupation with it having to be a perfect, million dollar version of what could be

Yet, despite all of those fears, the thought of a marketing system has never really fallen too far down on your to-do list, because you know deep down that it’s the KEY to building a scalable and automated business while FINALLY creating the profits, time, and customers you’ve always wanted.

And THAT is what I’m going to help make happen for you today.

So even if you feel a bit behind the times…

…that the opportunity for you has come and gone…

…that a marketing system is over-hyped, unguaranteed, and (can be) expensive (and you’re not ENTIRELY wrong, either).


  • Build a customer base of raving fans that love to tell everyone they know about your amazing service, products, store or location.
  • Construct a simple yet incredibly profitable process that allows you to scale up and add automation to your profit-generating machine of a business.
  • Spend more time on what made you get into business in the first place and less time on what steals your time and kills your energy (you know, trying to sort through the differing opinions, technology and options flooding your inbox).

Why waiting to build and launch a local marketing system was a perfectly executed marketing strategy.

That might sound insane, but stay with me, and I’ll show you why.

TRUE, thousands of local businesses are generating 5, 6, or even 7 figures more a year thanks to their marketing system.

And ALSO TRUE, that had you gotten started sooner and spent thousands of hours researching, testing, and duct-taping your way through building a marketing system, you MAY have also been one of those success stories we hear so much about.

But let’s be honest…

Contrary to popular belief, most businesses that attempt to build local marketing systems (and maybe this describes you) LOSE money.

In fact, I had a customer bring me on after they had invested over $50,000 on a program they never successfully implemented, that their customers hated, and was so full of glitches that their staff didn’t even use it.

And the reality is – they did everything right. They researched the firm before they hired them. They worked on the implementation with their customers. They provided training for their staff.

One fatal mistake…

But that one mistake, that no one warned them about (the age old question of: but do you really need it? How does it bring you more customers or keep the ones you already have?) cost that organization thousands of dollars, hundreds of customers, and even more staff time -- only to be shelved six months later.

And I realize this may sound...unlikely -- maybe even uncommon.

But I can tell you this is just one of dozens of horror stories I have heard from customers across the globe.


Your product, goods or services sell with ease...without having to beg, borrow and steal to get customers.

Your customer list is chock full of high-quality, highly engaged customers.

Partners and customers line up to share your amazing products, goods or services with everyone they know, creating a MULTIPLIER effect on your revenue.

Your best marketing campaigns are built into an automated system that acts a lot like the world’s best salesman, working 24/7 for you and your business.

And your time, energy, and resources are leveraged so you have more time to build your business, support your customers and team...and even take that much-needed vacation you’ve been promising your family...all while your automated marketing program helps ensure that you continue to get money in the door.

It is a total game changer.

And when I FINALLY got over the hurdles and my initial failures, as I figured out the perfect local marketing system – my business changed overnight.

I started with the first sell out event in 20 years…

And then with some additional tweaking and finesse...I started seeing 100-300% increases in sales in a single year with increasing regularity.

Now I’m not going to tell you that you’ll start with that kind of result right from day 1.

But what would it mean to you and your business if, in the next quarter, you had an auto marketing system…

even if it’s your very first marketing program,

and you walked away with $10k in profit and dozens of happy customers?

What if it was even half of that…

...would it still be transformational for you and your business?

Well, that’s a very realistic milestone I want you to start thinking about right now.

I want to help guide you to that milestone -- to take the expensive and painful trial and errors out the equation, so that you are moving towards success in the next few weeks.

But you might be thinking: Who am I to lead you?


One of the great things about being counted on to launch and grow startups, nonprofits, and small businesses across the country, is that you never find yourself with a lot of “time.”

You spend so much of your time “behind-the-scenes” and staying up-to-date on all of the latest changes in marketing strategies and online tools, that leave NOTHING to chance.

But sometimes all of the hard work and perfectionism (I mean meticulousness...) can get you in some serious trouble....

There are only so many customers you can work with?, only so many businesses you can help.



Profitable Local Marketing System

And I’m proud to say, that today, the wait is finally over. You are getting direct access to look under the hood of how I built programs for local, small businesses that doubled and tripled their growth.

But before we dig in, it’s important we look at some of the things I’ve heard too often from marketers and small business owners alike, to help us unlearn some bad habits.

I want you prepared for success. So let’s dig into some of those common myths...

4 Myths That Keep You From Building a Successful Marketing Program


When I say “we,” I mean the collective we. You could think it or say it about your business, but let’s be honest, most of us do it.

It could be the way you’ve marketed or not marketed your business. It could be the way you find your next customer. It could be the way your community “works” or how your customer “just is.”

And I’m here to tell you -- almost always -- that just isn’t true. Not only that, it is holding you back, keeping you small -- and in some cases -- is a huge threat to your business.

Let’s take a common one I see. Dumping hundreds, if not thousands, into paid advertising in local print, radio, or TV. With few exceptions -- or without a laser-focused strategy -- this money is oftentimes not trackable to an ROI. As in, we have no clear information as to whether or not it worked. And getting that information is complicated, at best, and impossible, at worst.

In fact, in recent industry surveys, it’s one of the most ineffective ways to market a local business. But it wasn’t always this way, and if you’re doing what you’ve always done, you might be making this expensive mistake too.

Building a successful local marketing system requires us to think differently about our business and our local markets, because if we do what everyone else is doing, if we do what we’ve always done – our businesses won’t ever get above the noise.


This is one I hear A LOT. It’s actually the most common objection I get about marketing programs. But the reality is, it just isn’t true.

When I first transitioned out of startups in 2010, I was used to a startup mentality where you had a funder and could justify about any spend. A budget was not something you heard about very often and if it was, I oftentimes couldn’t even get to a place where I’d actually ever hit that spend.

So when I transitioned out of startup and went out on my owm, it was hard. I got my butt kicked. I had to learn the hard way, through trial and error, how to build a business on little-to-no budget. And after 5 years, I have this down to a science.

We’ve had customers whose advertising budgets we slashed and spent less than $500 to sell out a program that had never sold in the 20 years they had been doing it. We’ve worked on another project where we got ROI nailed down to the point that every $1 spent made them $5.45.

I had more success, bigger wins, larger growth on less money than I ever did in startup. Why? Because being strategically smart and creative with your methods so you can hit those goals makes it profoundly more effective.

And that is how and why I built the Local Marketing Blueprint training program. Because you don’t need a lot of money to grow. You can accelerate your growth once you’ve laid the foundation with some investments BUT only when you know exactly what it means to you and your bottom line.


All of the customers I’ve ever worked with have had less than 10 staff people and had a limited budget. I pride myself of having never worked with a large organization because that ensures I approach every problem leanly and simply.

And the size of the organization (in staff) doesn’t always correlate to an ability to create a successful marketing program. In fact, some of our MOST successful programs were with one person shops. For reals.

Creating a marketing system that works does take time, but Local Marketing Blueprint is built in a way that every hour of work has a solid ROI for your business and the bite-sized nature of the trainings allows you to steadily proceed through the work at your own pace.

Whether it’s you or a large staff, the program is (easily) implementable and broken down into non-technical speak, so you’re not having to spend time becoming an expert on all things local marketing. You follow the system and you see results. That easy.


Learning something new can, and oftentimes will, take some time and potential resources, but not nearly as many as you think.

In fact, many are losing countless hours and revenue every single week because they continue to do things manually or without the support of technology that could free up time to focus on what really matters -- growing your business.

We recently worked with a customer who was manually fulfilling customer orders for something that could be digitally completed with a FREE software solution. We ended up saving that business close to 15 hours a week and were able to transition that staff’s time to building a new revenue generating program that increased their revenue by thousands of dollars in a single quarter.

Another customer was manually taking final payment from hundreds of customers for the workshops they provided. By transitioning to a free platform, they’ll be freeing up countless hours each month and can focus on making the workshop experience amazing.

Now what was that you were saying about technology having no ROI? Local Marketing Blueprint keeps the system simple and manageable, with step-by-step guides that are digestible and easy to implement.

And if it’s not necessary – we don’t include it. I’m not one to believe that technology is always the answer - because it isn’t – but there is a place and a time and it can have transformational impacts on your business.

So tell me, are you ready to learn more?

But more importantly, are you ready to detour around all the expensive and painful trials and errors I made to get here? Are you ready for a COMPLETE system that transforms businesses and has doubled and tripled bottom lines?

Are you ready for a local marketing system that makes you look like a marketing genius, even if:

  • Technology terrifies you -- you feel like you haven’t got a clue.
  • You are still getting clarity on who your ideal customer is and how to get more of them.
  • You struggle to feel confident in marketing.
  • You don’t have a MOMENT to lose in building a profitable business.

Then I’m excited to introduce you to the Local Marketing Blueprint training program.

This complete A-Z guide maps out exactly how to build a five-figure marketing program that gets you raving customers that tell everyone they know about you and your business.

Local Marketing Blueprint

I’ve spent the last five years creating, testing, and optimizing this easy-to-use system with local small businesses, startups, and nonprofits serving local communities, all across the country.

The end result? 6 CORE MODULES filled with checklists, cheat sheets and templates that will hold your hand through every step to build a profitable, five-figure marketing program.


  • Is designed specifically and exclusively for small business owners and entrepreneurs serving local markets and local communities.
  • Builds a highly leverageable and scalable system so that none of your marketing dollars are wasted. This isn’t your “business as usual,” traditional marketing adage program. I only focus on what is proven to work time and time again, across communities, and business types.
  • Starts from the very beginning and the very basics. Why? Because I’m not assuming anything. I want to ensure you get exactly what you need -- from how to think strategically to how to technically implement, so that you’re seeing success and growth quickly.
  • Guides you with our hand-holding training that takes the scary out of technology and ensures you have what you need to implement without fear or questions.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the program:

Module 1: Customer Clarity

You’ll get crystal clear on your ideal customer, both who they are and where to find them. I’ll help you demystify the idea of the “everyone” marketing approach and help you to laser focus on the most profitable and highest converting customer for your business.

Whether you’re new to business or currently enjoy a solid customer base, we’ll determine your target market and you’ll walk away with an iron-clad customer profile upon which to build your entire marketing program.

Module 2: Humanizing Your Brand

The most successful brands are those that help customers connect with the humans behind the brand. In this module, we’ll partner together to build your brand with the customer in mind as we discover what is important to your customers.

But it’s not just about your customers -- in order to put you back into your brand -- we’ll work on building a brand with you in mind, as we discover what is important to you.

This module will dig not only into your strategic positioning but also the logistic implementation of your new humanized brand and business.

Module 3: Communicating Above the Noise

In a world of so much noise and so many options, how do you stand apart? This module will go over the best practices for any local business to help ensure that they rise above the din and position themselves as leaders, and the go-to option within their local community.

We’ll dig into why word of mouth is so important (regardless of how “low-tech” it might feel, what it means to be “findable,” and why you need to start thinking about social media differently.

During this module, you’ll have a total understanding of what it takes to “rise above” and stand out in a crowded market, regardless of your size, business type, or the age of your business.

Module 4: Playing the Online Game

What online directories do you need to be paying attention to and how do you even begin?

In this module, I’ll outline what online directions your business needs to be on and how to effectively capture online reviews. We’ll cover not only the strategic goals of online directories and online reviews, but the technical know-how about how to setup up your profiles quickly and effectively.

We’ll also dive into how to capture -- both in the offset, but also in the ongoing -- long-term your customers’ reviews I’m not sure what this is saying here as well as how to handle negative reviews, so that you are always in the driver’s seat of your online reputation.

Module 5: Social Media

With so many options and so little time, how do you know where to start? In this module, we’ll cut through the clutter to laser focus on what actually matters to a local business and your particular business model.

You’ll walk away knowing strategically which platforms you should be on, but also with access to the technical walk-through on who to set them up with, which is optimized for your local community.

I’ll also walk you through how to build your audience organically with real, live raving fans and how to do it quickly, as well as how to continue to build your audience with ongoing engagement and technical maintenance.

Module 6: Campaigns That Convert

The final module is the most robust and multi-faceted, as it takes everything we’ve built and designed through the earlier modules and implements them into an iron-clad, profit-producing system.

Taking a playbook from effective, high-growth marketing seen in startup, we dive into building “campaigns” for your business that get people in the door and turn them into raving fans.

In this module, we’ll dig into how to use events and partner organizations to leverage your impact and get in front of your audience at a fraction of the cost. We will also map out how to effectively use many of the tools and tactics we discussed in the other modules to build a kick ass marketing program that works.



(Value $997)

There are lots of other types of trainings out there for small, local business owners that throw out a lot of “how-to,” but forget one of the most important ingredients – ongoing access to a support group. And I know how important this is for your success, both in this program and in general.

While the course walks you step-by-step through how to implement and strategically think and position your business, there is something so important about being able to engage with other small business owners just like you.

  • The time you spend in this Facebook group will soon be some of the most valuable and profitable moments of your day -- think of it like a mastermind with DIRECT access to me. You’ll enjoy:
  • A thriving community of ideas, insights, and support.
  • Ability to ask questions and troubleshoot any challenges you run into -- with this course, or other things within your business.
  • Input and review on the work you’re doing within the course.
  • A private community of small business owners and entrepreneurs who are getting shit done. This is a safe community where people support one another, connect, ask questions, get feedback, and offer up feedback and encouragement in a trusted, gated group environment.

And my team and I are there to offer up support as well.


(Value $497)

Building and refining a website that works for your local market doesn’t need to be complicated or cost a fortune.

In this bonus module, I map out exactly what every local business needs to have on its website and debunk many of the marketing myths surrounding an online presence and local websites.


(Value $497)

While marketing is one of the most important aspects to help ensure that your local business grows, building and cultivating a solid network is what helps you take your business to the next level.

In this bonus module, I share the step-by-step ways to build a highly-effective and profitable network, in less than 12 months and without dedicating hundreds of hours of your (non-existent) time.

Building a local marketing system is a lot like building a house. Getting the details right, with a solid foundation, supported by specialists and experts is what helps ensure that your house will be standing for years to come.

I’ve designed Local Marketing Blueprint to guide you through every part of this process -- the ins and outs of what you need to know to build a profitable marketing system, that helps you get and keep raving customers, and a step-by-step plan to turn this system into a program that can run on autopilot.

But to make it even easier for you, for our Silver and Gold members, I’m including a special bonus package that gives you the extra support you need to ensure you build the most solid of houses.

Live Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Amanda

Value: $6,600

For our Silver level members, not only do you get access to the complete Local Marketing Blueprint training program, the private Facebook group, as well as bonuses, “Websites That Work” and “Building a Six-Figure Network…”

You also get LIVE, DIRECT ACCESS to me in a bi-monthly 90-minute coaching call.

Where so many other training programs fall short is the lack of ongoing support from the instructor. That won’t be the case for Local Marketing Blueprint. I’ll be with you from the beginning to end.

Live 1-on-1 Engineering Success Strategy Session with Amanda (Only 10 Slots Available)

Value: $1499

Our Gold members get the whole enchilada. Think of this like the Cadillac offering of Local Marketing Blueprint. This is for the small business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to implement Day 1 and want to jumpstart their success.

Our Gold members get everything included at the Bronze and Silver level, as well as 1-on-1 time with me and my technical team, to attack your most pressing challenge right now. This is a great way to get your team involved early on and to map out where you want to go in 2016. You can also hold your slot with me and use it during the course if you want to lay a better foundation first.

Either way, you are getting customized 1-on-1 time with me to help engineer your path to success.

And while Local Marketing Blueprint is my brand new program, rest assured that your experience will mirror the transformational and game changing results that my customers all over the country have experienced.

“Top talent. Amanda took charge of a chaotic, stressful department and rapidly turned it around under difficult circumstances. She contributed brilliantly as an executive team member and always watched out for all areas of the company, not just her own. She works well with all personality types, she's keen to learn, and she exudes initiative. I recommend her without reservation, for anything she feels capable of handling.”

- Kevin Crenshaw

My goal for this course is to help you build a five-figure marketing program. Every moment you stay on the sidelines is another moment committed to:

  • Struggling to identify and cultivate your ideal customer.
  • Watching your competitors continue to outpace and grow with their successful marketing campaigns, leaving you in the dust.
  • Plateauing your ability to grow based on marketing activities that you can’t leverage or grow over time.

My Promise to You

Money Back

Still not sure?

Have you taken other trainings, felt like just a number and are now (rightfully) skeptical?

Or maybe you’re not sure that you can learn through an online training program.

Then I want to give you EVERY SINGLE opportunity to put Local Marketing Blueprint to work for you and cash in the door for your local small business.

That’s why I’m doing more than the typical 30-day guarantee. I’m going to give you a whole 60 days to go through the entire course. That way, you can go through the assignments, implement the systems and build your automated local marketing system.

And if you connect with me within 60 days to show me that you’ve kept up and done all the work (you gotta prove it!) and for some crazy reason, still haven’t seen any progress, then I’ll be happy to return your investment.

But let me be clear – you have to do the work.

Local Marketing Blueprint is for local businesses owners who are committed to what I like to call “getting shit done.” They are not tire kickers. They don’t spend time talking instead of doing. And I only want the doers in our program.

With that said, proving you’ve done the work will be one thing I won’t bend on -- both for your sake as a business owner but also for the sake of all the other business owners in our program.

There’s so much waiting for you on the other side of this program and what I want most for you is success. So I won’t hold back on some tough love to help hold your feet to the fire and move you forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have much of a budget or staff to help me with this. Can I still be successful with this program?

Definitely. This program is designed to be implemented by any local small business serving a local business from a solopreneur to a larger business with staff. The only thing that could potentially change is how long it takes for you to implement.

And as far as budget is concerned, you’ll find that over 75% of what I suggest isn’t related to a financial expenditure (outside of your or a staff person’s time) or your marketing budget. Some of our more advanced training dips into that, but the foundational pieces can be done predominantly with little-to-no budget.

What if I’m just getting started in business?

What a great way to start! I’ll help you build the foundation to make sure that you launch and build your business right. Local Blueprint Marketing is a program designed for both brand spanking new businesses as well 100+ year old established business -- and I have implemented these strategies successfully for that full range too.

Do I need to have a digital presence for my business to benefit from Local Marketing Blueprint?

Absolutely not. In fact, some of what we’ll cover is Internet-based -- because let’s be real -- it’s one of the most affordable tools to use as a small business, but lots of it isn’t. And for the parts of the trainings that are, not only do we assume you don’t have a digital presence (or might want to update or optimize your current digital presence), we also walk you through step-by-step (think video screencast, checklists, etc.) on how to set up and effectively use some of the different digital tools or platforms that really benefit local small businesses.

I barely have enough time to get things done as it is -- how will I find the time to implement this program?

I break down the program into small, digestible steps that you can take each week without creating hours and hours of extra work. And what’s great about this program, is that many of the pieces are systems that you build once and use again and again. Think of it as an investment in your future growth. Additionally, I am not limiting the number of seats available in the program to just you, as the business owner. Do you have someone at the front desk with occasional free time? A spouse? An intern? They can all enjoy access to our program without any additional fees.

Do I need to be technically savvy or proficient on a computer to be successful in this program?

I do everything I can to ensure that our tutorials are step-by-step for anything technology related -- so if you can navigate your way around the Interwebs, you’ll be just fine.

That being said, if you’re not familiar with navigating a computer or how to use Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox confidently, then you’re not quite ready for us. But once you’ve taken some time to get more familiar, I’ll be the first to welcome you to the family!

I sell a service -- will this still work?

Most definitely. I’ve implemented these strategies for a real estate agent, a marketing firm, a 100-year-old nonprofit, a film festival, a lighting store, a guest ranch, a trampoline bounce park… get my feel? This works regardless of industry or if you sell a product, service or experience. The only thing you need to be able to do is serve and market to a local market or community.

I already have a marketing program. Will this help improve my results, or is it just for new business owners?

Great question. This program works great for everyone -- from novice to expert. Why? Because my hybrid approach brings in strategies from industries like technology startup, a whole sections of the training may be the first time you’re hearing about an approach you could use in a local market. I have implemented these systems with proven success from brand new businesses to 100+ year old businesses, each with similar levels of success. And don’t forget, platforms are always changing, so a refresher (and access to training that stays up-to-date with the changes) and current training can help ensure what you are already doing is optimized and working for you and your business.

I understand that if I put in the work and implement the program, I will see huge results -- but how many hours a week are we really talking?

What’s great about this program is that you can take as much or as little time as you want to, based on your business goals and time. All that changes is how quickly you see results.

But remember, my goal is to get you to a 5-figure program in 60 days. So keeping that in mind, here’s what you should expect:

We will kick off the six-week program the first week of April. During the six-weeks you will get access to over 10 hours of trainings, which is broken up into easy-to-digest pieces that you can implement immediately. If you’re wanting to get up and running quickly, you’ll spend right around 3-4 hours a week. But like I said, you can go at your own pace -- thanks to your lifetime access.

Is there a deadline to start the course? Will the training be delivered live?

While the course will be delivered live, everything will be recorded and you will receive lifetime access to the training and the updates we make. While we’ll be starting the first week in April, you don’t have to be present to ensure you’re getting the results so many of our students see.


And I am so excited to be giving you first access to the training that I know, without a doubt, will grow your revenue and improve the ease with which you run your marketing efforts, without needing to waste 5 years figuring it out through expensive trial and error.

You already KNOW (and have KNOWN) that a solid local marketing system is critical to the success and growth of your business.

But NOW is the time to say “yes” and get started, but this time, with a complete step-by-step guide leading you through the entire process that offers you a 60-day money back guarantee. There has never been a better time to start building your business than today.



The FULL Local Marketing Blueprint Training Course: Priority access to all 6 Modules with downloadable videos, checklists, cheatsheets and audio. Value - $2,997


BONUS #1 - Instant Access to a Totally Private Local Marketing Blueprint Facebook Forum where you’ll enjoy unlimited insight, feedback and masterminding with entrepreneurs serving local communities -- just like you. Value - $997


BONUS #2 - Websites That Work – Building and refining a website that works for your local market doesn’t need to complicated or cost a fortune.

In this bonus module, I map out exactly what every local business needs to have on its website and debunk many of the marketing myths surrounding an online presence and local websites. Value - $497


BONUS #3 - Building a Six-Figure Network – While marketing is one of the most important aspects to help ensure that your local business grows, building and cultivating a solid network is what helps you take your business to the next level.

In this bonus module, I share the step-by-step ways to build a highly-effective and profitable network, in less than 12 months and without dedicating hundreds of hours of your (non-existent) time. Value - $497

That’s a total value of $4,988

And that’s just for our Bronze level.

Silver Includes:


BONUS #4 - Live Coaching Calls with Amanda – In addition to everything included in the Bronze level, Silver members also enjoy two bi-monthly live technical coaching calls with me and topic-specific guest experts.

Not sure how to handle that bad review? Not clear on how to handle that new service or product? Really just need to talk through where you’re struggling? This all-access, live, no-holds-barred call gets you direct access to me where we’ll jam together to find your customized solution. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions and you won’t find that here. Can’t make the live call? Write in and I’ll handle it live and get you the recording. Value: $6,600

When you add that up, that’s a total value of $11,588

And then there is gold. Gold is limited to only 10 slots and in addition to everything you get in Bronze and Silver you also get:


BONUS #5 - 1-on-1 Engineering Success Session with Amanda – as one of only 10 VIP business owners, you get direct, individualized access with me. We’ll tackle the most trying challenge facing your business in a 90-minute session with unlimited ongoing support.

I no longer offer 1-on-1 strategy sessions, so not only are you ensuring you save your slot for this limited time offer, but you’re getting direct access to me that isn’t available in any other way. And I’m opening it up to anyone supporting you with your business. Want your team there? Bring them. Want your marketing director sit in? Share it with them. Would love to have your spouse weigh in? Have him or her join us. This session is customized totally and completely to you and your needs. So tell me, what do you need? Value: $1,499

When you add that up, that’s a total value of $13,087

And that doesn’t even include all the extra, surprise goodies I’ll be sharing once we get started.

How do I know if Local Marketing Blueprint is right for me?

If you can say “Yes” to any of the points below, then I’d say you are a perfect candidate to jump into Local Marketing Blueprint and are prepared to get the most out of it:

  • You already have a local business serving a local customer base and community OR you want to build a local customer base for your local business.
  • You’ve spent hours and dollars trying to figure out how to grow your business with local marketing, and want an integrated system that generates revenue for your business.
  • You are willing to reconsider your local marketing strategies and invest in strategies that will convert. You don’t need a huge budget, you do need to be willing to reframe around what you’ve heard or tried in the past.
  • You’re ready to grow and scale your business, to take it to the next level - and put your marketing systems on autopilot.
  • You truly love what you do and your customers.
  • You are willing to give this program your absolute best effort and put in the work, because you know that this will be a marketing training program you’ve taken that netted your business results.

If you said “yes” to any of the above...

Then I want to reward your hard work and commitment to growing and scaling a local business with the most COMPLETE marketing system course available.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Local Marketing Blueprint, please contact us:

I can’t wait to walk you through this step-by-step as you
build your first 5-figure local marketing program!

Get started now!